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Mapping of Fintech Ecosystems

The financial services landscape in Kenya and Africa in general is following a very unique trajectory as compared to other geographies. Most remarkable about this trajectory, is that it is being driven by entrepreneurs and their home-grown innovations.

In order to effectively navigate an increasingly complex financial system and meet changing customer expectations, companies today must build upon and extend their own unique areas of expertise by pursuing opportunities to partner. Collaboration in the Fintech industry is an opportunity that uplifts. It unlocks digital growth by opening up new opportunities and providing new ways for people to access life-changing services. It is through these open collaborations, that new customer expectations are drawing traditional institutions out of their comfort zones.

At ProjexiQ, we take the time to partner with Fintech companies across the region in order to deliver more tailored, convenient and affordable innovative solutions for underserved populations and communities, thereby driving tremendous advances across the financial services ecosystem through reshaping the status quo in a complex and highly regulated industry.